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Go to "General Settings" there you will see which shipping you would like to get.
The options are:
- Only get paid methods
- Only get free methods
- Get all methods

"Shipping Route" This is basically the default import methods of shipping, you can choose which country the app will import shipping methods by default. This will have no effect on the shipping methods of other countries and this is only for the default and not for anything else.
The app will still present different shipping methods for each country and any product that the customer chooses.

"Service Name" is intended because the Shopify platform does not allow the editing of the checkout page, and does not support the presentation of shipping methods per product. Therefore, in order to charge the customer, we must present one shipping method that includes the shipping prices per product.
This means that on the checkout page you will still see which shipping method is chosen for each product and its price, but as you know, one shipping method must be chosen on the Shopify platform checkout page and "service name" gives you the option of choosing which name you want.

Note:We recommend that you delete any shipping method that you created on the shipping page in your Shopify settings.

Definitely yes!
In Dashbord of the app, go to settings and then click on country list and you will be able to choose which countries you want to send your products to. And always remember to click the "Submit" button after making changes.

On the "Pricing Rules" page, you have two tables. The first is the price range by the shipping price. The second is the price range by product price and now I will explain each of the tables:
The first table determines what the final shipping price will be according to the settings you give. This means that if you now choose to have a shipping price of between 10$ - 20$, you want to add 4$, so all the shipping methods that cost this price will add another 4$, there is also option to add amount by percent.
The second table determines what the shipping price will be according to the price range of the product. If you have now determined that all the products in the price range between 0$ - 50$ will receive another 10% of the price of the product for the final shipping price, so its mean that for example if the original shipping price was 2$ and the product price is 10$ so 1$ will be added to the original shipping price.
There is also a third option on the "Pricing rules" page, which is the one you choose to activate in case there is a free shipping method (if you want to leave free shipping methods please choose the price table according to the shipping price).

From the dashboard go to "Theme Settings" where you can customize the colors how you want.
For standard plan customers will have the option to change only the colors and for unlimited plan customers will get custom CSS in addition.

Oberlo integration & Methods Import

with the Bulk action feature you can import shipping methods for all of your products in just few clicks:
1. open Oberlo app and go to "My Products"
2. In the top section you have "Bulk Action", click on it
3. click on get shipping methods and remember click "Auto next page" thats mean you will get shipping   methods till the last page (if you not click on it you will import shipping methods just to the current page)

That's it now you will got shipping methods for all of your Oberlo products :)

By integrating with Oberlo now you can import shipping methods with just one click. On "My products" page in Oberlo, next to each product you will notice the AliShips logo click on it and import shipping methods to the same product in the easiest and most efficient way.

Of course!
Through the Aliships dashboard there is the possibility to import shipping methods by AliExpress product URL On the "get ships" page you will see all the products in your store, choose the product you want to import shipping methods, click the "Import Methods" button, then enter the URL from AliExpress and wait for the message that the shipping methods have been successfully imported.

Note: It's important to make sure you enter a valid link from AliExpress to that specific product


Of course you can, one of the features of AliShips is to give you the possibility to manage shipping methods any way you want, meaning you can choose which shipping methods you want to display on your site and which methods do not, you can also edit the forwarding methods names to whatever name you want.

With our application you can import more than 1000 shipping methods per product, each country has its own shipping methods and the amount of shipping methods depend on what is shown on AliExpress.

If you are using oberlo App then you can delete all shipping methods using bulk action on "My Products" page, but if you are not using Oberlo unfortunately from AliShips dashboard you can delete shipping methods per product one by one, in the next update we will add this function so stay tuned,please.

Sure ! from AliShips dashboard click on the store name on the right side of the screen above and click on "Account Setting", there you can create a username and password with which you can log in to the app directly from the AliShips website.

Definitely yes! Go to "Choose your plan" and you will see 2 plans: standart and Unlimited. If you want to upgrade, approve charge and all data will be kept, you can also experience the best features of AliShips. If you want to downgrade your plan you can do it as well.

  • Upgrade from Standard to Unlimited Plan:
  • - from now you can import shipping methods for unlimted products
    - you will get custom CSS function to edit the style exactly as you want to

  • Downgrade from Unlimited to Standard Plan:
  • - from now you can import shipping methods for just 100 products
    - you will not be able to use Advanced CSS function to edit style

Note: If you have more then 100 products with imported shipping methods you will not be able to downgrade your plan from Unlimited to Standard plan

Currently only shipping methods can be imported from In the future, we hope to add more sites to import shipping methods.Stay tuned, please.

AliShips do not support any kind of data export at this point of time, we will try to include this function in the future.